Big Ben’s Web Hosting – Videos

After awhile of studying this mysterious  site known only as I’ve found some interesting data, that shows that Big Ben’s Web Hosting, is not just unique in what they offer, but unique as in there technology.  They are currently hosting there site on CentOS (Linux Based) server. They are ICANN accredited. And they can use up to 10TB of disk space. What does this mean? Well this means that if Big Ben’s Web Hosting currently had no customers, and there cheapest web hosting package 1GB of space then can in theory have 10000 customers before upgrading. Now this Domain Name has been taken for the past 3yrs. Do you have any idea what 10TBs must of cost back then. How on earth could Big Ben’s Web Hosting afford for there prices to be so low?

This is just one case unsolved. I will solve it.


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